Life on the road can lead to trust issues in a relationship. I have that now.. with my GPS.

It took my 4 hour trip to Ottawa and turned it into 7 hours because it couldn’t tell that a road was closed. I planned on arriving late but not in the middle of the night. The more lost we got, the more the DJ and I laughed, the more upset my team got. I suppose it didn’t help when we started making up stories about how this looks like where murderers were raised and we were running out of gas.

I don’t know about you, but you gotta laugh off stuff like that. I’m not saying to make fun of bad situations. I work hard and try not to take life too serious. I’m also not saying that I did or did not throw the GPS out the window. I am saying I have “misplaced” it and will not spend 7 hours looking for it. RIP GPS.

– Kyle