I  wrote this tune during a dark time, which I’m sure you’ve all had at some point. It’s a raw song showing a more vulnerable side, as my music has always been positive for school tours or YTV. Thanks to FACTOR Canada, Canada’s Private Radio Broadcaster, and the Government of Canada, their support has allowed me to release my song and video with a phenomenal production team.

Huge shout out to my music producer, Steve Molella for challenging me in the creative process and making a kick ass tune. If I ever got arrested and had one call to make, it would be to my videographer, Rich Misener, who always saves my ass and all he asks for in return is a beer… We’re working on getting him help. And of course, to the lovely actress, Anna Toppetta, who gave me goosebumps when she cried on demand for the shoot, I could not be more thankful to have had her level of professionalism on set. Pure talent.

And of course, to everyone who has supported my art, I am truly grateful, as it would be impossible to do without you. Let me know your thoughts and feelings on the video as I’d love to hear your interpretation.

Lots of love,