When I turned legal age, I celebrated the way everyone does… Hit up a club.. On a Sunday night.. With their dad.. As you can tell I have a pretty happenin’ lifestyle. If you think that’s weird, you have no idea! I’m in this club, drinking some crappy SunnyD cocktail and trying to act natural, as if I’ve been to an ‘entertainment’club a million times before, but I’m having hard time. Woah wait, difficult, I meant difficult.. ANYWAYS, 15 feet away from me is Marianas Trench. We are legit the only ones in this club. I was dying to take their picture but knew this wasn’t necessarily the place for “flash” photography. I debated ordering them a drink but figured they didn’t want/deserve watered-down rubbing alcohol mixed with Kool-aid.. so I did the only logical thing: I walked over, complimented them on their new album, and then tripped on my way back to my seat. Once I got back, I made sure I still had the best view of the entertainment. In other words, I made sure the dancers didn’t get in the way of me watching my favourite band. Oh and P.S. my mom doesn’t know so, no tattlers please